SalesCart Cloud is a cloud-based software storefront

To use SalesCart, you need a basic Facebook account and a public-facing Facebook page to hold the store.  You will add the SalesCart Cloud app to your companies public Facebook page in order to start building the webstore.  Once your online store is built via Facebook, you can reference the store in Facebook with nothing more than a business card address, or embed it into an existing business website, or use other web store fronts like Etsy, eBay or Amazon, or use a mobile app without a web page, or reference it directly with its cloud address.

Why is this?

Your entire store is built in the cloud at runtime based on demand from each specific customer.  To give your customer an easy way to get to your web store you need a web address(container) to provide to your customer so they can view it.  This is especially important in cases where you don't have a website.   Essentially, you need this basic "container" to hold the store, to have a web address, and also so you have any easy place that you can go to create and administer the store.   We use FaceBook to create this Internet place holder (container) for the webstore address since it is both free, easily assessible, and allows you to advertise and market the social aspects of your business from the same location as well. 

This aspect is especially important if you are just starting up and have no website.   This allows you to create an Internet store without needing an actual website and sell and market services without a website.  In fact, you can sell items and services, or take preorders with only a facebook presence, or a mobile presence only.  Once you have built the online store using Facebook as that container, you certainly aren't limited to Facebook.  In fact, you can embed that storefront into a mobile app or an entire existing website much more easier than a traditional "hard-coded" storefront.  The traditional hard-coded storefronts were based on fixed pages which required knowing extensive coding or completely redesigning your existing website to conform to the store.  With SalesCart Cloud, you can have the website look any way you want and it will simply be a "container" for the storefront, much like Facebook is the container as well.  Once the webstore is built using Facebook, you can visit the store directly without Facebook.

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